Power of appreciation

Have you ever wondered that we get so pre-occupied with our daily chores, work etc that we easily forget to appreciate what we have? We had a power outage last week and though it lasted only a couple of hours, the minutes that we spent in darkness seemed like eternity. Being in USA, we were not even prepared for an outage….no candles, no torchlight, not even the number to call to find out as to when the service would get restored.

While I was busy cribbing about what we didn’t have, amidst our kids’ screaming, Lakshmi, my dear wife, came up with the bright idea of lighting a scented candle that her friend had gifted her recently and quite a relief it was!!!

Thankfully all of us had finished dinner, but we had other do-it-rightnow chores like dishes, washing baby bottles etc pending and depending on the availability of power again 🙂 More importantly, we needed the power badly to use the microwave to heat the milk if our younger son, Vishruth (13 months old) were to cry for milk. Vishruth promptly mistook the outage for his nighttime sleep and happily sang his way to lalalalalala land and truly saved the day!!

On the positive side, we had a nice quiet chat with Vidyuth (4 years old), who when awake doesn’t sit in one place for more than 1 sec unless he is using the potty. He was firing away questions about all possible topics starting from the outage itself to sunlight to moonlight…well you get the idea!!

The outage last only a couple of hours….but it certainly made us realize that we ought to appreciate what we have…..the things that we take for granted…..Electricity, Quiet family talk etc


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  1. kalaraja says:

    hi guru, this is like thinking aloud or reading a diary. when i was in school/college – especially during exam time – i used to feel very happy whenever power goes off. i will immdtly capture the 3 seater sofa and sleep till supply is back. but now we hate powercut or shutdown due to maintenance as it is too frequent here.

  2. kalaraja says:

    hi if i don’t mention about my sweetheart vidu and vish – a super kid – i can visualise how vidu would have put forth variety of questions – non stop and highly imaginaive !

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